Wednesday, 16 April 2014

For the Love of Chocolate

So I had a pretty bad day, and as cliché as I made the title of this post, I followed suit and played with chocolate to cheer myself up. I never usually have the patience for making mousses and the like, purely because I'm more focused on the end product but tonight, the focus was on the therapeutic melting of butter and silky chocolate, (I'm so tempted to use the word "velvety") stirred in with beaten egg yolks and sugar. Next add the milk and beat until the mixture thickens.

Chocolate brown has always been one of my favourite colours, it makes me feel warm and comforted. Just like chocolate tends to do to most females. For me, the darker the chocolate, the better. Whittaker's dark Ghana is one of the best. A couple (well maybe a little more) of dipped fingers licked and my worries from tonight's shift had just melted away.

During my love affair with chocolate, I learned the epic secret to melting it. Having an incredible lack of microwave appliances and a past of burning chocolate on the stove, I searched up a little something something on how to melt chocolate properly. If you have a bar/block, like I did, place it in a shallow dish and cover with boiling water for a few minutes. DO NOT STIR IT, whatever you do, or you'll get a very unattractive mess of watery chocolate. Instead, leave the chocolate to sit in the boiling water, then poke with the tip of a knife to see whether it is soft. Then, gently tip the water off, holding back the chocolate with a spoon or the blade of a knife. VOILA! You have deliciously velvety (See? Couldn't help myself!), indulgently melted chocolate.

I also discovered that I am much better at separating egg yolks and whites using my hands. How did I not know of this until now??

Now, I'm not entirely sure how long I should be leaving these to set, so I'll probably leave them over night. Considering it is now 12am. I'll make sure to update with photos in the morning.. plus I'll share a picture of the awesome risotto I made the other night for dinner. It went down well with a bottle of chardonnay at yet another "me-home-alone-by-myself-forever-alone party". Just kidding, as it says in my about me - I'm perfectly lonely. Just me, wine, chocolate and my red and white checked tablecloth.

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