Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Patience Pays Off

Chocolate mousse for breakfast anyone? More like morning tea, but you get my drift. The mousse turned out beautifully. I'm sure if I had used cream, it would've been a little fluffier and lighter but it's just right for me. Thick, rich and delicious. I dusted a mixture of cinnamon and chilli powder over the tops of my mousses, then grated some of the leftover dark chocolate as a garnish. The chilli powder just adds that little hit of warmth, contrasting perfectly with the cold, creaminess of the mousse. I have truly impressed myself this time!

 And as I said last night, I would post up a picture of the risotto I made a few nights ago. It's pretty damn hard to make risotto look nice, but here ya go. I used chardonnay, chicken stock, onion, Chinese garlic shoots, Parmesan cheese, thyme, a little lemon zest and juice with a bit of pan friend chicken thrown in for good measure. The best part about risotto is that you need barely any rice to actually make a decent sized meal. One cup of rice got me three meals. A trick I learned (originally from my mum) is to combine the wine, stock, lemon juice and cooked onion and garlic in a saucepan and heat together. Then slowly add to the risotto rice, all the flavours will combine and the rice will absorb it's yummy goodness. The flavour combinations in this one reminded me of a lemon chicken tortellini that I made a while back for mother's day - I must make that one again.

Alright, time to come back to reality and finish this assignment I've been slowly working on. Signing off from the red and white checked tablecloth.

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