Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Happy Easter!!

 I know what you're thinking... Easter was a decent while ago now but I just never found the time to upload any of the creations I made over the last month or so.

Starting with Easter, which happens to be one of my favourite times of year and no, not just because of the copious amounts of cheap chocolate fashioned into giant bunnies and massive eggs, but because of the family traditions that my family has over Easter weekend. Starting with Good Friday's early morning baking of hot cross buns.

For as long as I remember, Good Friday hasn't been just another day off school, or that really morbid mass at church, instead it's been a family day. Mum, and now with me thrown in the mix, gets up bright and early and kneads and rises dough, mixes deliciously spiced, fruity concoctions, then bakes them in the oven so anyone who's still in bed wakes up to the smell of hot cross buns wafting down the hallway. Our hot cross bun recipe is special. None of that meagerly spiced, barely any fruit rubbish you get at the supermarket. We triple the spice mixture, as well as add extra spices (which I shall not share - can't give too many secrets away). Then double the fruit mixture - for those who dare to say buns with fruit in them aren't their thing, wait until next Easter and I'll change your mind for you.

The best part, is putting on the crosses. I loathe painted on flour and water crosses. We roll out some home made pastry, cut it into strips and brush it with egg, then stick them on the buns, Cris-crossed.

After the buns come out of the oven, they are glazed (super quick, and usually involves burning your fingers). Then we brew some tea (traditional choice Lapsang Souchong) and sit down to devour the steaming hot buns. Always, always eat the bottom half first, dripping with golden butter, then save the top half (with the cross on it) for last, trust me it's better that way.

My family, if we manage to get myself, my brother and mum and dad all home at the same time (with the hot cross buns, I couldn't imagine that being hard), we sit down and play board games for the whole afternoon and eat nothing but the double recipe of hot cross buns. You don't need anything else. Our choice of board game - Settlers of Catan - a phenomenally fun board game, we form alliances and collect sheep (my brother started this one).

This Easter I wasn't able to make it home to mum and dad because I was working, but they had a roast like we usually do. I'll try make it next year. But I'm content with having Good Friday off because the Hot Cross Buns are the best part.

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